Welcome to New Lebanon Community Church

Upcoming Events:

February 1st  Recreational  Volleyball Night!   6-8 PM

February 2nd   Family Movie Night "Grace Unplugged" .  There will be a movie for small children in the classroom as well.  7 PM

February 4th   (after church)  SOUPer Bowl Sunday, & Sandwiches.

February 17th  Valentine's Day Dinner! Sponsored by Women's Ministry at 6 PM in Burnworth Center.

There is a sign up sheetlocated in the church by the water fountain. You can mark your choice of meat and if you need a sitter for children.

Meat is either Baked Chicken or Ham. If you can not be here to use sign up sheet call the church at 724-376-3708 or Karen Stutzman at (814) 516-3576.