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Here you will find audio mp3s containing the weekly messages of our Pastor, Dr. Richard Steinlechner.  These messages are listed by date and can be played by clicking on the .  They can also be saved to your computer or MP3 player by right-clicking on the  and clicking on "Save Target as". 

 Date    Part 1   Part 2 
 What's God's Love Got To Do With It?
 A Word To The Pastors
 03/20/2011   Living For God 
 03/13/2011 Why Did Christ Have To Die For Us?
 03/06/2011  Who - Or What Do You Fear?
 02/27/2011  Conduct Matters (Ginny Gadsby)
 02/20/2011  Biblical Womanhood
 02/13/2010  When We Are Called To Suffer    
 02/06/2011  Congatulations! You Are Now A Priest    
 01/30/2011  Why God Insists on Holiness in Your Life    
 01/23/2011  Repent (Ginny Gadsby)    
 01/16/2011  The Armor of God Part II    
 01/09/2011  The Armor of God Part I    
 01/02/2011  When A Man Loves A Woman    


 How Much Does God Love You?


 Is God Pleased With Your Sacrifices to Him?


 I Thought That God Answered Prayers


 Are You In or Out of Line With God?



 Cirrhosis of the Giver




 Y'All Come


 The Reason Why We Criticize Others



 God's Power Requires Something From You First!



 The Day The Chains Fell Off



 Built on the Praises of God's People



 The Only Way the Holy Spirit Will Share His Power With You!



 And The Place Was Shaken 


 The Time Bandit



 The Mature Christian


 How To Be Lead By The Holy Spirit 


 Hearing God's Call


 A Church On Fire



 Our Example Of a Family Man



 Will You Be Forgiven?


 Why Is There Only One Road To Heaven 



 Is It Time For Us To Change



 A Servant's Heart



 A Dynamic Marriage



 God Is Color Blind 



 Attaining Real Freedom In Your Life



 A Transformation Of The Mino



 The Inn keeper



 A Perfect Man, A Perfect God



 Are You Acting Like King Herod?



 What Needs To Be Done Yet?



 Signs Of a Sprit Filled Life



 The Joy That Comes In Beinf a Child of God



 Why Every Christian is to Become Mature in the Faith



 When to Pray for Healing


 Sober Up



 Six Rules of Success Rule #1



 Six Rules of Success Rule #2



 Six Rules of Success Rule #3



 Six Rules of Success Rule #4



 Six Rules of Success Rule #5



 Six Rules of Success Rule #6



 When You Run Out Of Rocks To Throw




 What Does The Empty Tomb Mean To Us



 Where Do We Go From Here



 I Have A Friend Who Is A Little Unconventional



 Experiencing A Crisis in the Middle of Life



 When Life Gets Complicated



 From Prefection to Restoration


 05/16/2010  Are You Expecting Heaven to Open?
 05/23/2010  Forget My Sins - But Don't Forget Me  
 05/30/2010  How Jesus Taught Us Humility  
 06/06/2010  What Does Redemption Really Mean?  
 06/13/2010  The Words of Jesus About Heaven  
 06/20/2010  What Is A Father To Do?
 06/27/2010  Managing Life In A Way Pleasing To Christ  
 07/04/2010   Justine Iskat  
 07/11/2010   Our Teacher  
 07/18/2010  That Critical Monent In Our Lives  
 07/25/2010  You Don't Know The Troubles I've Seen  
 08/01/2010  The "Abundant Life" Promise  
 08/08/2010   The Gifts of The Holy Spirit  
 08/15/2010      God Promises To Restore  
 08/22/2010  God Promises Us Revival
 08/29/2010  God Promises Us Cleansing of Our Sins  
 09/05/2010  What Constitutes A Critical Spirit  
 09/12/2010  The Art of Burden Bearing  
 09/19/2010     When Discouragement is Winning  
 09/26/2010  Are There Consequences To Forgiven Sin?   
 10/03/2010  Escaping Temptation  
 10/10/2010  When God Calls You To Preach The Gospel  
 10/17/2010  Ginny Gadsby The Invitation  
 10/24/2010  The Meaning of Redemption
 10/31/2010  Signed, Sealed, Delivered  
 11/07/2010  Does Satan Go To Church  
 11/14/2010  When The Church Discriminates  
 11/21/2010  Being A Good Steward For GOD
 11/28/2010  The Fullness of God
 12/05/2010  How We Mature In Our Faith
 12/12/2010  How Are We Walking?  
 12/19/2010  What Child Is This?  
 12/26/2010  The Only Way God Will Bless Your Relationships